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The Hallowed by Crowco Cooper Dec 22, 2018 17:20:01 GMT

Where the best of the best sites and RPs are, approved and partnered by SRT. Partners can come in to make threads about their RPs and answer any questions

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Sekkai Fractures by Ruriko Apr 6, 2019 18:02:33 GMT

Come here to advertise your RP, in exchange for our advertisements on yours


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How to: Birth magi by Crowco Cooper Dec 19, 2018 22:53:51 GMT

Where the staff can make guides for the RP and where everyone else can ask questions that they need help with

Sub-board: How to

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Getting started by Crowco Cooper Dec 3, 2018 17:53:34 GMT

New members can come here to meet the staff and people on the site already

General Discussion
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Please vote everyday to get more people on the site! by Eladar Jan 18, 2019 14:54:46 GMT

You can talk about anything here.

Writing And Art Board
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Night's drawings by Knightmare Feb 11, 2019 14:29:38 GMT

Want to write a story or post some art? Come here! It can be about anything at all! As long as what you post is your own work of course

Super Natural Response Team RP

North America
129 Comments in 14 Discussions
The York Ruins by Phen Mar 27, 2019 20:04:16 GMT

Everything in North America

Sub-boards: New York, Los Angeles

South America
12 Comments in 12 Discussions
Bermuda triangle by Crowco Cooper Dec 7, 2018 19:35:43 GMT

Everything in South America

Sub-boards: Mexico city, Rio de Janeiro

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Brandenburg by Kaiscoolness Mar 25, 2019 9:49:30 GMT

Everything in Europe

Sub-boards: London, Berlin, St. Petersburg

19 Comments in 19 Discussions
Oiche's house by Crowco Cooper Dec 4, 2018 17:37:06 GMT

Everything in Asia

Sub-boards: Sokol, Kyoto, Beijing, Istanbul

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Mortalis' crematory by Crowco Cooper Dec 4, 2018 17:39:34 GMT

Everything in Australia

Sub-board: Sydney

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Tree of life by Eradon_Clutch Mar 28, 2019 1:39:18 GMT

A stretching archipelago in the midst of the Atlantic sea

Sub-boards: Atlantis, Yggdrasil

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start a discussion in this board

A continent in the great ocean, so hostile in wildlife it would take madman to enter

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Ruined church of Solaris by Crowco Cooper Dec 4, 2018 17:40:49 GMT

Everything in Africa

Character Creation

Character Bio
519 Comments in 76 Discussions
Devon by Crowco Cooper Jan 25, 2019 17:52:40 GMT

This is the forum you go to when creating your bio


Codex Request Board
859 Comments in 144 Discussions
Kugelblitz - Fire Spell by Crowco Cooper Jan 19, 2019 22:18:44 GMT

This is where you go to request stuff to be in the codex and RP

13 Comments in 13 Discussions & 1 Viewing
Codex entry - Professions by Crowco Cooper Jan 11, 2017 17:04:14 GMT

This where you can find all of the information on everything in the world of the SRT

Free RP

Free RP
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D&D Adventure by Eladar Jan 19, 2019 19:39:41 GMT

This is where you go if you want to make your own worlds to roleplay in.

SRT started there so why not give people the chance to do the same


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Eladar, Jan 17, 2019 20:34:26 GMT:
Crowco Cooper, Aug 17, 2018 22:02:56 GMT:
    who tf use chatbox we got discord bruh
DaveTheHydraKing, Aug 12, 2018 16:52:29 GMT:
    wow chat box is ded
DaveTheHydraKing, May 11, 2018 7:12:35 GMT:
Crowco Cooper, May 10, 2018 22:55:35 GMT:
DaveTheHydraKing, May 10, 2018 19:36:23 GMT:
Ternos23, May 9, 2018 21:59:51 GMT:
DaveTheHydraKing, May 5, 2018 18:16:37 GMT:
Kaiscoolness, Apr 14, 2018 11:15:05 GMT:
    i am shout rn literally shaking
Eladar, Mar 8, 2018 13:04:40 GMT:
    Wait, we aren't dead? You've just shattered my understanding of the universe
Crowco Cooper, Mar 5, 2018 13:59:19 GMT:
    No we're not dead. It's just that nobody uses this chat because discord is a thing we use too.
ryanberger, Jan 22, 2018 15:50:22 GMT:
Nobody, Jan 18, 2018 6:13:23 GMT:
    Lul indeed
QuirkyTurtle, Jan 16, 2018 12:04:45 GMT:
    if anyone would ever read it LUL
QuirkyTurtle, Jan 16, 2018 12:04:37 GMT:
    this is p useful when discord dies
Eradon_Clutch, Jan 9, 2018 5:16:02 GMT:
DaveTheHydraKing, Jan 3, 2018 20:49:32 GMT:
    why do we even have this
Crowco Cooper, Nov 28, 2017 12:57:25 GMT:
    Speaking of maturity. My name Jeff
Phen, Nov 24, 2017 8:34:03 GMT:
    Indeed. We are the more mature site you'll ever see, no memes or jokes here ever. Just ignore half the site that is
Guest, Nov 20, 2017 11:43:44 GMT:
    Maturity in bounds
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